About Us

We have a passion for building Angular components and applications to the highest standard. We have years of experience working with both Angular and AngularJS in large enterprise projects. As part of this we know the importance of precision design and great user experience, but also how to build scalable applications and high performant components.

We offer a wide variety of services, including bespoke component creation, entire component kit creation, application creation and mobile apps using NativeScript.

We also offer Angular upgrade services. We can help migrate your AngularJS application so you can begin using the latest Angular version. We can do partial migrations where we get your application running as a hybrid app, or a full migration where we can re-write your existing application using Angular.

Our Services

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Bespoke Components

Custom components created to either a custom design or to match the look and feel of your specifc application. This can range from small components like a checkbox to complex data visualization charts.

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Bespoke Component Kits

Sometimes when creating an application, a whole suite of reusable components is required. While there are component libraries out there, a professional looking application needs a component kit made to fit your branding. We can create entire component libraries made to match!

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Application Creation

Starting a new business? Sometimes it isn't sustainable to employ a developer team. Instead, we can build both Web and Mobile applications to your specific requirements. We have ample experience to bring to deliver rapid and high quality results.

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Application Upgrade

Still running AngularJS? Want to be using the latest cutting edge version of Angular to get the best performance, PWAs, server side rendering or just a more productive developer experience? We can help upgrade your application to the latest version of Angular.

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